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Water Feeding & Mixing Unit for tanneries / Kanpur Leather Development Project - Demonstration

A number of tanners who have opted for automation systems on a large scale have found that increased output and quality, together with savings in time and materials (e.g. water and chemicals), have paid for the cost of such systems. It provides an opportunity to avoid human errors and same time improves also working environment and safety.

Water as the main chemical used in the leather processing is very essential. Quantity and quality – temperature, are the most important factors in the process. Automated water feeding/mixing system are therefore very useful to improve efficiency and quality of the production.

Pilot Demonstration Unit installed in Kanpur based Lenyan tannery provides an opportunity to demonstrate such benefits

Computerized control

The amount of water at a certain temperature that is set by the operator, is forwarded to the drum by computer control. By using the hot and cold water inputs water mixing automatically mixes the water to the accurate temperature for desired amount and forwards it automatically to the drum.

The system is capable of controlling every parameter for up to 10 drums independently.

Storing temperature, volume and other information provides ease for later processes.