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The UNIDO Leather and Leather Products Industry Panel (henceforth referred to in the short form as the Leather Panel) is the UNIDO global forum for technical assistance programmes dealing with the leather-based industry sector. The Leather Panel provides information on good practices in small-scale manufacturing as well as professional training and pollution control procedures in the leather, footwear and leather products industries.

This website – www.leatherpanel.org – offers access to information, publications, UNIDO technical assistance programmes and links to leather-related industries.

The leather sector in developing countries has expanded substantially in the recent decades. This was caused in part by a gradual relocation of production facilities, initially shoe-uppers, but followed by leather processing (tanning) and footwear manufacturing, to countries with lower labour costs. While developing countries are witnessing a greater proportion of leather goods manufacturing, the performance of the leather sector in many developing countries is still negatively affected by several factors, most notably shortage of high-quality raw material, inadequate manufacturing skills and technical knowledge base as well as environmental issues and trade barriers.

Technical assistance projects implemented to date by UNIDO in the leather and leather products sector have covered a wide range of activities, such as improved flaying, preservation and collection of raw hides and skins; leather processing (tanning); manufacturing footwear and other leather products such as gloves, leather garment, upholstery, sporting goods and other leather accessories. Interventions have also addressed issues related to environmental aspects, occupational safety and health, and quality control.

This portal is a depository of technical information generated through UNIDO technical assistance and global forum activities that are considered as useful sources for those associated with or interested in the development of leather-related industries and technology.

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