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Course: Tannery Effluent Treatment

Technology has gone a long way during the past decades. Information and communication technology (ICT) should make visible the impact of the present status of professional education and training applicable for leather and the manufacturing of leather products. Conventional training and learning methods and routinely suggested course durations, forms and arrangements suit neither today’s would-be employees or industrial operations.

Confronted with increasing legal and social pressures, no tanner can afford the luxury of not being familiar with the main issues and principles of occupational, safety and health protection pertaining to tannery operations.

Hydrogen sulphide gas present in tanneries and effluent treatment plants has proven fatal to workers exposed to it many times.

See also Safety Video - How to deal with hydrogen sulhide gas

"SAFE Leather" must mean safe for operators and workers, as well as safe for consumers and communities. Company management must ensure that the workplace provides workers and anyone else attending the workplace with access to appropriate first aid equipment. Management must also ensure that the workers have access to an adequate number of persons who have been trained to administer first aid.

First Aid course/training should be mandatory for all emplyees.